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I'm interested in digital imaging, and this page is for me to share some of my creations and hobby with you.


I have a research grade microscope, and I really enjoy looking at life in a drop of water. Check out some of my photos.

Digital Cameras

I'm on to my 14th digital camera !!

  1. Casio QV10 - bought from Japan
  2. Kodak DC210
  3. Nikon Coolpix 950 - 2 megapixels
  4. Canon Ixus V2 - 2 megapixels - Sold
  5. Nikon Coolpix 995 - 3 megapixels
  6. HP Photosmart 812 - 4 megapixels, a freebie - really for amateurs
  7. Nikon Coolpix 4500 - 4 megapixels
  8. Canon Ixus 400 - 4 megapixels
  9. Canon EOS 300D - 6.2 megapixels, digital SLR
  10. Canon EOS 350D - 8 megapixels, digital SLR
  11. Canon Ixus 700 - 7 megapixels
  12. Canon EOS 400D - 10 megapixels, digital SLR
  13. Canon Ixus 2000 - 12 megapixels, travelling companion
  14. Canon EOS 450D - 12 megapixels, digital SLR

Created Images

I enjoy "dabbling" with graphics and creating pictures which aren't "real". I believe the real power of digital photography is in the limitless post-processing that can occur after a picture is taken - not just the initial capture.

bulletThese are digital paintings of my Mom and Dad. Did it for Moms 74th birthday and for Dad for Christmas (I framed them up and gave it to them as presents). I started with digital photographs which had them in it, enlarged the correct portion, then used a program called Painter which simulates natural media and tools, as well as a digital tablet (Wacom) to create the images. You can compare the painted results with the originals. Took about 3 full days each...!

final.JPG (203868 bytes)    Base image.JPG (197610 bytes)    final.JPG (32463 bytes)    Base image.JPG (40986 bytes)

bulletAn invitation card that I made for Justin's Birthday party....He reeaally loves Pokemon, and of course Pikachu, so had to hunt around for some great pics on the web and did a composite. Looks simple enough, but it took me 2 days to get about 40 cards printed !!!

j1.jpg (25918 bytes)j2.jpg (27524 bytes)

bulletThis one is of Janet (my wife), when she went for one of those "Glamour Shots". It was a birthday present from her girlfriends, but I thought it's more fun to do something more "glamourous" ?! :-). If you look real carefully, you should be able to see what I've "doctored" ...?

Janetcover.JPG (99620 bytes)

bulletMade a birthday card for my father....he just loves chess, so write to him if you'd like a game - maybe on-line ?

DYSBDAY.JPG (43509 bytes)

bulletAfter my very first big project, I created this picture using my first 3D program. I'm currently in to Ray Dream Studio 5.5, so if you'd like to talk about that, let me know !

JEDI.GIF (156370 bytes)

bulletThis one was created for Mother's Day - for both my wife, and my remember their 3 sons/grandsons by...!

Mothers day.jpg (667225 bytes)

That's it ! Let me know if you'd like to see any more of my work.....duh....not as though it made me any money.....but what the heck, it's a lot of fun !! :-)



To send me feedback or email - click here !