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I think our family has been blessed with being musical, and perhaps it was because we were made to learn the piano while we were kids. I certainly didn't seem to appreciate it then (unlike Joo Ann), but I do now !! Joo Ann's a famous concert pianist, Kim enjoys singing among other things (and don't forget her DJ work), and I'm into electronic music. I own several synthesizers and most importantly a Yamaha Disklavier piano.

In any case, I've been "recording" the performances (which the Yamaha is able to do very nicely) of several guest artistes at my home, and I realize now that I've got a very nice collection of Joo Ann's playing, and many of the Koh brothers (Dad and others). It should be added that Joo Ann was playing at home for family and giving my digital piano a trial-run, and the tracks should not be considered as a “classical recording” of his playing. So here it is, for all to listen, enjoy, and remember.


Click the links below to play. They are MIDI files, so as long as you have some sort of MIDI player on your computer, this should work. If you can't get them to work, call your local IT assistant or you could send me an email and I could try to help you out.

  1. Joo Ann - Schubert Impromptu (duration: 7.5 min) - you really need to see his fingers for this one.
  2. Joo Ann - Lavallee Etude (duration: 2 min)
  3. My Dad (Koh Teck Ghee) (duration: 2 min) - wooed mom with this ?
  4. Goh Pek (Koh Teck Tiong) (duration: 1 min)
  5. Goh Pek (duration: 0.5 min) - quite grand really :-)
  6. Pek Chek (Koh Teck Lay) (duration: 13 min) - this is really nice 'cos he plays by ear !!

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