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Here's my collection of software that I've purchased over the years (all original) that are up for sale/trade/loan. Write to me if you're interested in any of them....

NameDescriptionPrice S$Status
X-wing AllianceWing Commander type gameS$48Out
StarsiegeMechwarrior type game$37Playing
Age of EmpiresCommand & Conquer type game$50Playing
Power ChineseEducational$199Available
Starwars Rogue SquadronWing Commander type game$48Available
Swat 2Command & Conquer type game$40Available
Goosebumps - Attack of the MutantKid's adventure$35Available
Klik & PlayGame creator$30Available
Human Body 2.0Educational$50Available
The Way Things Work 2.0Educational$50Available
Falcon 4.0Flight Sim$50Available
Star Trek GenerationsStar Trek type game$30Available
Total AnnihilationCommand & Conquer type game$45Available
Incredible Toon MachinePuzzle solving game$19Available
Casper Brainy BookKid's book$40Available
Dark ReignCommand & Conquer type game$35Available
Longbow 2Helicopter sim$48Available
688(i) Hunter KillerSubmarine sim$48Available
Ray Dreams 3D3D CAD$100Available
MS Flight Sim 5.1Flight Sim$50Available
Space and the UniverseEducational$80Available
Dark ColonyCommand & Conquer type game$35Available
Xwing vs Tie FighterWing Commander type game$48Available
Vanishing TradesSingapore Educational$30Available
Command & ConquerThe start of this type of game$35Available
Chessmaster 5000Chess game$50Available
Power ChessChess game$35Available

To send me feedback or email - click here !