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Pictures from Chinese New Year 2002 (Year of the Horse) - day 1 ("Neen Chor Yat") was 12 Feb 02. If you'd like to go down memory lane and see pictures from previous years, click on the links to the left.

Enjoy !!
Joo Beng.

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This is the second year we had our reunion dinner at Kim and Nancy's. Besides our family, we had Janet's Mum and Dad, and Kow Sum and Kow Chek over ! Justin actually wore a very nice Chinese outfit that he had worn to school that day. We of course had our traditional "Yu Sheng" for "Low Hei" !

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The next day, we went to "Panjang Panjang Umor" with Mom and Dad of course, and Kow Chek and Kow Sum, Ed, Doris, Lani, and Ping came to visit. This year too, the 3 boys had an assignment from school to ask for donations for the Methodist Church - aiyo....not very nice of the school lah, but everyone was soooo obliging !

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We then went to Xi Pek and Xi Em's. Vivien was there, but It was a very nice to see Violet there this year too !! There was fantastic freshly made Kueh Paiti, and "Chook" (Congee/porridge) there. 

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We then went to Sah Kor's where we bumped into Cheng briefly (she had brought her dog Jordan along - he was so cute, all dressed in a little sailor's suit). We had yummy DIY Poh Piah lunch. Samantha came while we were there and we ate a delicious "fish" jelly which she had specially brought over, but as you can see in a picture, Justin wasn't too happy about cutting up the pretty fish. Sah Kor is looking very well isn't she !

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In the afternoon, we went to visit some of Mom's relatives, and the next day, we went to visit Che Chim - where we got to feast on her mouth-watering fruit cakes, kueh lapis, pineapple tarts, and other goodies ! While we were there, Ee Wen and Joanne came to visit too ! We then went to visit Kow Chek and Kow Sum's, where of course, Dad had a round of chess (and we had a round of XO too !)

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Well, this is the 4th photolog of CNY's, so hope you can see how everyone is doing ! Till next year (or perhaps the Clan reunion that some of us are trying to put together middle of this year...) !!


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