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Family News

25 May 06 - Aunt Clara has passed away and is resting in peace with God at 3.38am this morning. For those who are able to make it, the wake will be held at Mount Vernon Parlor 1. See the orbituary here.

24 May 06 - Aunt Clara (whom I know as Xup Yi Ma) is in a critical condition. She is currently in Tan Tock Seng Hospital, Ward 8A, Bed 1. She was warded on Saturday when she had difficulty in breathing and has been diagnosed as having infected lungs. Do include her in your prayers.

20 Mar 05 - Dad passed away on 16 Mar 05 New !

11 Jun 04 - Please pray for Dad. He suffered a massive stroke on 7 Jun 04. This page provides updates. New !

12 Feb 02 - Chinese New Year 

Went to visit Kum Oh in the afternoon. She had had an unfortunate accident and had hurt her ankle - sprained it while she was working in the garden. She had to be piggy-backed downstairs by her maid in order for us to "Pai Neen" ! First time for us to visit her (last year she wasn't home), and we and the kids were delighted that she (or rather Pingsky) has 8 dogs !! So lovely !

DSCN2844.JPG (718296 bytes)    DSCN2840.JPG (676425 bytes)    DSCN2846.JPG (657950 bytes)    DSCN2847.JPG (726455 bytes)

While we were leaving, Susan, Linda, William, Dickie, and their families, and Kok Chee and Phil all arrived....unfortunately, didn't get as many photos as I would have liked since the rest of the family were already loaded up in the car and waiting to go (hey, it was hot as usual that day) !

DSCN2849.JPG (690506 bytes)    DSCN2850.JPG (646466 bytes)

After that, we went to visit Sup Yi Ma and Cynthie Piu Jie. Oh dear, I only just realised I didn't take a picture of Sup Yi Ma, but I guess I was too preoccupied because she had specially brought out her collection of old photos and clippings, some of which I did try to capture here.

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25 Jan 01 - Chinese New Year at Sup Yi Ma's.

On the 2nd day of Chinese New Year this year, we went to visit Sup Yi Ma. Cynthie Piu Jie was there too, and while we were there, Dickie and family came over too. Back at home, Auntie Betty and Richard and his family came over to visit Mom and Dy.

DSCN2313.JPG (426045 bytes)    DSCN2314.JPG (412035 bytes)    DSCN2315.JPG (406782 bytes)

20 Jan 00 - Announcing the arrival of Reisha Lee Min

Reisha.jpg (118348 bytes)Susan and Yew Moon had their second daughter Reisha on 20 Jan 00. They had her one month baby party on 20 Feb 00 at their home . Unfortunately, I wasn't there to grace the occasion (travelling lah !), but Janet and the kids did manage to make it.


26 Dec 98 - Kwang Ming and Yin Yee's wedding

Attended Kwang Ming and Yin Yee's wedding on Saturday, 26 Dec 98. Wedding ceremony was at Aldergate Methodist Church (Dover Road) at 10am, and the dinner was at the Mandarin Hotel at 7pm.

It was a very lovely affair and the couple was really beaming. Didn't have my camera with me, so don't have any pictures to show for it.

Most of the relatives were there, including Amon from KL.

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