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Pictures from the year 2000 Chinese New Year.

It was at Joe's place (again !) and Sah Kor and Sylvia cooked lunch for the whole gang of us !! Did I leave any other cooks out ? Let me know 'cos the food was great as always....especially my favourite liver balls....yum.

I was really getting behind on keeping my web page updated....but when I received my first ever email from Sah Kor asking where in the world the latest photos were (I bet nobody would believe this), I just had to pull up my socks and crank these photos out for all to see !!

Enjoy !!
Joo Beng.

P.S. Don't forget to thank Sah Kor for bugging me....:-)

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We started with the usual chit chat....begging for orange juice, etc.

DSCN0144.JPG (433732 bytes)     DSCN0148.JPG (402880 bytes)     DSCN0162.JPG (408254 bytes)     DSCN0147.JPG (426578 bytes)

Followed by the traditional "Miss CNY 00" pose-offs...

DSCN0155.JPG (388621 bytes)     DSCN0163.JPG (401963 bytes)     DSCN0160.JPG (414507 bytes)     DSCN0154.JPG (390761 bytes)

Who do you think won this year....?

Then of course the makan, makan, and more makan...!!

DSCN0149.JPG (417373 bytes)     DSCN0150.JPG (406466 bytes)     DSCN0153.JPG (409629 bytes)     DSCN0166.JPG (416336 bytes)

Whew....after everyone was stuffed, made everyone work again to pose for the grand finale !! (Warning....this picture is BIG so be prepared to wait if you click on it ! - but at least everybody's face can be seen clearly !).

DSCN0172.JPG (418597 bytes)


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