Koh Reunion Dinner 2002
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Looks like the reunion dinner has been postponed indefinitely. The "committee" didn't really have any leadership, and it just sort of fizzled away. Hopefully most will have made it to Ee Ping and Sam's wedding !

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Outdated stuff below - just to remember that we did plan for something once upone a time :-(  !!!

Hi ! This page is to keep you informed of the progress for the Koh Reunion Dinner 2002 ! To let me know if you can come, preferred dates, number of people, etc, please write to me !

Current plan for the event is :

Date :15 June 2002
Time :6.30pm cocktails

7.30pm dinner starts

Place :Garden Hotel
Price :

(includes dinner + souvenir)

???? (Adult)

???? (Child under ??)

Attendees :

From Overseas :

Confirmed coming :

bulletLawrence (from USA)

Maybe :

bulletGilbert and family (from Australia)
bulletLydia and family (??)

Confirmed not coming :

bulletDonna Mae and family (from USA)

Unconfirmed :

bulletJoo Ann (from Vienna)
bulletSylvia and Kian Seng (from Malaysia)
bulletSu Fern (back in Singapore then ?)
bulletVirginia and family (UK)
bulletRupert and family (Malaysia)
bulletGor Pek (Koh Teck Tiong) and family (Malaysia)
bulletLani and family (in Singapore then ?)
bulletPek Chek (Koh Teck Lay) and family (Australia)

From Singapore :

Confirmed coming :

bulletJoo Beng and family

Maybe :

Confirmed not coming :

Unconfirmed :




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