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Sah Kor's 83rd birthday

This page in loving memory of our dearest Sah Kor. I still have photos of Sah Kor's 84th birthday, and I will try and post them soon. Anyone else would like to send any messages for me to publish on this page, please send them to me. Don't forget to check out her 80th-83rd birthday photos as well as some other pictures !

Joo Beng.

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Hello everyone,

Wanted to let you know that Sah Kor has just passed away at about 7.45pm today (8 Jan 04). She was at Dover Road Hospice. I am glad that I managed to see her last night, and had a chance to say goodbye. Last night, she was breathing deeply and her eyes were mostly closed, but she did open them briefly. Stella had a chance to speak to her. (Stella Bavier had come back from South Africa, having been there for 21 years, as her father (Uncle John) had passed away on Monday, 5 Jan 04).

I will really miss Sah Kor, and I'm sure all of us will too. She was a guiding light for all of us, in the way she lived her life, in the way she walked with God, and in the way she touched lives. She is surely at peace, and sitting with our Lord.

Sincere condolences to Joe and Jane, Doris, Ping and Sam, Su Fern, Ee Wen and Joanna, Ming Fern and Terence, and Tuo Shen.

Joo Beng

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