Sah Kor's 83rd birthday
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Sah Kor and Cheng had a combined birthday party at the poolside in Keppel Club on Labour Day (1 May 02) - many thanks to Lani, Ed, Doris, Ping and Julian for throwing the party ! Sah Kor was celebrating her 83rd birthday, and Cheng was celebrating her big 50 (which was actually about 1.5 weeks ago) !!

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Many people were there including friends and relatives, and quite a few from Malaysia as well - namely Sylvia and Goh Pek, Goh Em, and Rupert. The birthday cake, which was especially yummy, was from Chun Nee (Rupert's wife) and Rupert had lovingly caressed the cake all the way down from KL in the bus. 

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Lots of good food was served, and everyone had a good time. We had a photo session after that to commemorate the fact that we were all together once again. Must say it was done in a most orderly fashion : Started with Sah Kor and siblings, then with relatives in Sah Kor's generation, then one below that, then the next, then came Sah Kor's friends, then Cheng's friends, with Goh Pek's family (with Hock Boon's family - that's Goh Em's youngest brother). If you need help with who's who, let me know and I can try.

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If anyone wants the original digital images, let me know and I'll send them to you. The pictures you see here are reduced in size so that they fit the web, and the originals should have slightly better quality. Also, if anyone wants printed copies, let me know too and I'll be glad to oblige !

Hope you had fun seeing the pix !!
Joo Beng.

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