Visit to the USS Kittyhawk
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On 24 Mar 2001, we had the fantastic opportunity to visit the USS Kittyhawk when it was berthed in Singapore. Dr. Nicky (doh...can't remember her last name), who was serving on the aircraft carrier, and just so happened to be her last day with it, gave us a grand tour of the huge ship. We (Janet, Jared, Justin, and I - Jordon had a birthday party to attend) went with Ping and Sam, Kao Chek (aka Uncle Donald), and Jared's friend Beni.

Enjoy !!
Joo Beng.

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Here's a panoramic shot of the USS Kittyhawk....stitched together....that's how big it is !

Montage2.jpg (309780 bytes)

Here's a picture of a battleship that was part of the carrier group.

DSCN2340.JPG (147310 bytes)

Going up the ramp, we see the Kittyhawk's shield, and are then inside the hangar. Look at the insides of a fighter's wing - after they fold it up so that they can pack more planes below decks !

DSCN2388.JPG (175586 bytes)    DSCN2378.JPG (182916 bytes)    DSCN2347.JPG (173430 bytes)    DSCN2380.JPG (160789 bytes)    

DSCN2376.JPG (171878 bytes)    DSCN2381.JPG (161202 bytes)    DSCN2382.JPG (171072 bytes)

Going on the flight deck...this is probably the most awesome. See how they tie down the choppers and the planes especially during choppy weather ? They have these starfish-like cleats all over the flight deck. And see that nose of the plane ? It actually opens up !

DSCN2350.JPG (164224 bytes)    DSCN2348.JPG (159665 bytes)    DSCN2352.JPG (155470 bytes)    DSCN2355.JPG (161052 bytes)

DSCN2356.JPG (162899 bytes)    DSCN2357.JPG (162229 bytes)    DSCN2358.JPG (161432 bytes)    DSCN2359.JPG (165602 bytes)

DSCN2361.JPG (162568 bytes)    DSCN2362.JPG (162148 bytes)    DSCN2365.JPG (169009 bytes)    DSCN2368.JPG (184100 bytes)

DSCN2367.JPG (177201 bytes)

Finally, we went below decks and had a look at the cabins, and good a detailed tour of the uncannily thorough medical facilities. They even have a Kittymart and escalators !

DSCN2369.JPG (169305 bytes)    DSCN2373.JPG (164737 bytes)    DSCN2370.JPG (165502 bytes)    DSCN2371.JPG (157901 bytes)



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