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Astronomy Magazine published my composite image of the annular eclipse in their June 2010 issue. Have placed a scan of the reader gallery and the cover of the magazine here. The image is composed of 25 photographs of the eclipse in progress, covering a span of about 2.5 hours. The background of the image is the beautiful Laikipia plateau in Kenya, where we stayed for a period of 4 days. More images from the trip can be seen on  my Picasaweb page.

Our hosts in Laikipia were Hanns and Gisela Windhager who run Ol Dome, a spectacular estate built in a heavenly locale. The view of the plateau is stunning to say the least, and the initial feeling of vertigo when one first encounters the 180 degree vista, is very quickly replaced with a "spot the elephant" contest. Our immense thanks to Hanns and Gisela for being such accomodating and wonderful hosts.

Thanks also to Peta, Gunther, and Kim Haustedt for making our trip to Kenya such a memorable one. Their hospitality in Nairobi certainly made all this possible. I have now developed a much more acute appreciation of our feathered friends than ever before.... at least I have a clue as to what a widowbird, mousebird, crested crane, starling and  helmeted guineafowl is, and not forgetting the Lily-livered Roller....or was it the Lilac-breasted Roller....haha. And of course the upsized KFC.... slurp.


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