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This page is my repository for momentous/fun times with friends...

23 Jun 00 - 30 Jun 00 - Palace of the Golden Horses vacation

After our Redang vacation, we carried on (what a snowball) with a vacation to the Palace of the Golden Horses hotel in KL.

<Pictures coming....>

16 Jun 00 - 22 Jun 00 - Redang Sunrise.jpg (119591 bytes)

Our second trip to Pulau Redang - it looks like it's getting to be an annual event ! It's that good ! But then again, maybe I should say it's really terrible just so that no one else will go there to crowd up the place ! :-) If you'd like to visit Alex's Redang website - click here.

Alex organized the whole trip (again) - he really needs more practice, so I think he should arrange the next year's trip too, and the next, and the next...:-) - haha...just kidding. . Alex and family, Min Chuen and Angela were there again. Here're some pictures courtesy of Alex :

Here's the whole group of us at the Redang Reef Resort....the big guy on the right is our most superb multi-talented host from Ping Anchorage - Anwar.

group1.jpg (114366 bytes)

Some pics during our many boat rides (at least one a day !)

j&j.jpg (144359 bytes)    onboat1.jpg (136146 bytes)    onboat2.jpg (148912 bytes)

Here's a great shot by Alex of a giant (delicious looking) grouper !

u-grouper.jpg (166162 bytes)

And here's a shot he took with me feeding TONS of fish !! It's always like this, and it's just GREAT !

u-jb.jpg (116766 bytes)

That's it for this year....we'll see if we get to Redang again next year !


4 Jun 99 - 10 Jun 99 - Redang Sunrise.jpg (119591 bytes)

Holiday in Pulau Redang, off Trenggannu. The whole family went with Alex and family, Min Chuen and Angela, and Doh and Edmund (Angela's friends). Travelled to Kuala Trengganu by overnight bus (~9 hrs travel) followed by a speed boat transfer to the island. Stayed at Redang Reef Resort - pretty basic (room, aircon, attached bath), but food was good and no complaints.

Here's a panoramic view from the front of Redang Reef Resort.....fine white sand, abundant coral with tons of sea life, colourful fish feeding from your fingers, fresh air and hot was quite idyllic !!

Pan.jpg (365738 bytes)

Somebody enjoying himself...! (Click on the picture to see Jordon "float" !)

Jordon on Float.jpg (52130 bytes)   

Group shot at the lunch/tea/dinner/supper table. Meals were always provided buffet style, simple food yet tasty and nutritious, always hitting the right spots either in the mornings (yawn) or after a hard day of snorkelling !

The dinner table.jpg (78779 bytes)   

Typical midnight scene, whiling away the time with either Mahjong, TV, Chor Tai Tee (the new game that Angela introduced to us that was the cause of many a late night !), and even beach volleyfrisbee on our own private beach !

Mahjong.jpg (71684 bytes)     Private beach.jpg (509930 bytes)

29 May 99 - Today, Saturday, we celebrated Justin's 5th birthday - though his actual birthday is tomorrow, we felt Saturday parties would be better for our friends. We started at 3pm by the pool-side - lots of swimming fun for most of the kids. By 4.30pm, we had gone upstairs for some serious makan, accompanied by general pandemonium from all the kids, and of course we had the birthday jelly (more healthy than cake lah !) cutting.

Marcus, Jared, Justin, Jordon    Annabelle     Overall scene...     Clare, Clarissa, and Philemon

Katherine, Andrew (kissing) and Steven    The Birthday Jelly     Happy Birthday... Justin !!

22 May 99 - Celebrated Li Sze's birthday - Lunch at Mandarin Hotel. Janet and myself, Boey Yong, Beng Hwee and Stone were there. Pigged out as we had a buffet lunch with fresh rock oysters, lobster thermidor, and tons of other yummies !! Also learnt that Beng Hwee was 12 weeks pregnant !! Little Beng Hwee/Stone is expected 5 Dec 99 !!

CNY99 - 21 Feb 99 - Had a simple get together for some friends over Chinese New Year.

Michael & Chi Wen, Jenny, Li Sze and twins Robyn and Kat - in a nice posed shot before going home night. Later, caught Brian (from Australia) and Jenny in a "why me" shot. Glen and his son Alex - at dinner.

Michael, Chi Wen, Jenny, Li Sze, Kat, and Robyn    Brian and Jenny ??!!     Glen and Alex

Prue and Dollah and kids, Leslie and son Nicholas with our neighbour - Marcus pointing the gun. Lastly, Chai and Kim with Jackie (holding the gun - again !!) and Jeannette.

Prue, Dollah, Josh, and ??     Marcus, Nicholas, and Leslie     Jeanette, Jackie, Chai, and Kim

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