Sah Kor's 81st Birthday
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Sah Kor had her 81st birthday dinner at Long Beach seafood, beside the Singapore Tennis Centre on the East Coast Parkway. Isn't it great - everytime Sah Kor has a birthday, we all get a holiday ! It sort of makes sure that we're all available !

Anyway, there were three tables, and we were probably the noisiest in the whole restaurant....but we weren't embarassed one bit ! The food was great and more than a few of us were stuffed to the brim.... yum..... There sure was a lot of Chili crab and Black Pepper Crab. Yup - we had both of these Singapore favourites per table....and of course lots of roti to eat up all the sauce with. Beer, red wine, seafood, birthday noodles, and topped off with birthday cake (Che Chim's famous walnut cake), what more could we ask !

Well the pictures below from the dinner should convey a thousand enough of this banter...! :-)

Enjoy !!
Joo Beng.

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Starting with prayers by Joe, followed by toasts with red wine, and many birthday wishes !

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Some of the poses for all those who couldn't make it...

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And of course, a group shot after the dinner (it was of course pretty difficult to stand after the dinner !). There were three of us who were taking the photos, and so of course weren't in the shot....myself, Cow Che, and Jeannie...:-( . Oh, and Lani had to go off early for a (hot?) date !

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