Sah Kor's 80th Birthday
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It was held on Saturday, 1 May 99, at the Singapore Island Club, Bukit Location in a function room - hosted by Joe, Jane, Ed and Doris of course. The room was filled with about 8 tables of friends and relatives. A very cosy affair with many people coming up to the podium to do a skit (Joo Kim and Cheng did a Peranakan style of Bibi Kim and Bibi Cheng - trying to find the birthday party, and reminiscing about how Sah Kor potong jalaned George from them !), sing a song (Joe, Ee Wen, Ming Fern, Tuo Shen, Kow Chek, Lani, Ben Khoo), or to wish the "grand ole dame" (as Gor Pek puts it) a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !! Some folks who were from overseas included Lani from Hong Kong, Goh Pek and Rupert from KL, Sylvia from JB, and Joo Ann from Austria.

Thumbnails of pictures I took are below, and if you'd like to see a bigger version of a picture, then click on it. If you need more details about any of the pictures, write to me and I'll fill you in.

Enjoy !!
Joo Beng.

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Here's the blushing beautiful birthday beau, with Cheng, the most excellent MC for the evening - always able to crack a joke from any situation that arose - especially when Gor Pek (uncle Sam) was around !

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Some pics of the merry makers that evening....if you don't know who they are, you've been out of touch too long !! (If you really want to know, write to me and ask, but I may also not know !!)

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And the grand finale, fondest wishes from her brothers, the birthday cake and the birthday song !!

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Mid-way through the dinner, I had some old photos projected on a screen while Cheng was giving the commentary....come take a look at the early years of Sah Kor !


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