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Donna Mae

Kow Chek celebrated his 70th Birthday in grand style at the Goodwood Park Hotel on 26 Nov 03. His actual birthday is on 7 Dec 03, but he had it a bit earlier as Donna Mae and family were visiting from San Diego. Goh Pek, Rupert, and family also came down for the celebration.

After an opening prayer by Ee Wen, Cheng came on as the most excellent MC and was once again trying to lure unsuspecting bachelors with her witty jokes so that they can sample her wares... :-) -  haha...obviously worked on some. Ping also came up sometime during the middle of dinner as Kow Chek's "spin doctor", and introduced a host of singing angels. These angels were a different sort though, as they really knew how to "goreng" Kow Chek !! Lucky for us most of the "older" folks can't hear so well ... hehe ;-) Throughout the dinner, there was lots of ballroom dancing...led of course by the birthday boy and Kow Sum, and lots of singing too. I think this night was a real eye-opener for many of us as we really didn't know that they were so talented. At the end of the dinner, Donna Mae and Meng Jin gave a very nice slide show presentation. If she sends it to me, I'll see if I can put it up on this web for us all to admire !!

Delicious food, great wine, fantastic entertainment, good company and a lot of fun !! I'm sure it will be a night for us all to remember !! If you couldn't make it, hope these photos can help you be a part of it in a small way !

Enjoy !

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