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Ee Ping+Samantha
Ee Wen+Joanna
Andrea+Boon Kay
Ming Fern+Terrence

Terence and Ming Fern had their 2nd baby (it's a boy!) on 23 Nov 09. Here's a photo of the family, with Isaac looking over his new baby brother, Daniel Tan We-Ren.

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Announcing the arrival of Naomi Chin. Here's a message from Cheryl, the proud mother, followed by pictures and a poem by the proud grandfather !!

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Hi everyone!

Great news -- Summer has finally arrived!
Sam gave birth to her on 4 Aug (Fri) at 2.30 pm. She was a whopping 3.5 kg -- 800 g heavier than Nikki was at birth!

We stayed at the hospital for a couple of days and returned home on 6 Aug (Sun). We were initially concerned about how Nikki would take to her new sister, but -- praise God - she seems to be very comfortable with her presence. No signs of jealousy at all. In fact, she seems more curious by this new addition to the family. But we're making sure that Nikki still gets the same (if not more) love and attention so that she won't feel in any way sidelined by Summer.
Sam was very clever to wrap some presents to give Nikki when she was first introduced to Summer at the hospital - we told her that the presents were from Summer!

Well we're home now and settling into a new routine. I'm on paternity leave for a few days, and combined with the weekend and National Day on 9 Aug, its nice to be at home with the family. Summer is quite a nocturnal creature and she sleeps most of the day. We're very excited to see how she develops and what her character and personality are like.

Here are some photos of Summer. We think she kinda looks like Nikki did at birth.

Lots of love



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Lucas Yew was born on 5 Dec 2005 to Daniel and <wife>.

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Mikayla Khoo was born on 1 Dec 2005 to Ee Wen and Joanna.

    Mikayla slideshow

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The much overdue news of the birth of baby Abigail Tan Yee Wearn, our first little baby girl and bundle of joy. Abigail was born on the 17 November 2005 at 13:01, weighing 3.22 kg and measuring 52 cm in length. Praise God for a speedy and safe delivery.

Grandma Sylvia was over for her birth. Grandma, Kong Kong Kian Seng and Uncle Jeremy will be visiting at Chinese New Year. Uncle Andy, Aunty Cheryl and Che Che Naomi have also visited from Glasgow.

Here are some photos of the little one and family, and as you can see she has grown quite a bit.

Andrea and Boon Kay




And here's a poem from Kian Seng for his granddaughter :

The New Magician

first snow
the neglected yard
now perfect
ES Jacques

Touchdown, the wheels of the plane
flees the cold of the tarmac,
the sudden wind blows like a schoolboy’s
ingratitude, the passengers, breathing like Rowling
dragons, disappear into top hat taxis.

But you, dear Abigail, in Birmingham
are another season, the light of the first
snow flake caught in your eyes,
your dimple, like the winter moon
at noon, invisibly present, makes you a silver
shining in every crowd.

And when you speak, it is the language
of angels I hear, every word names
a flower, ivy, zinnia, campanula, tulip,
lobelia, daffodil, rudbeckia.

And when you smile, it is the smile
of a magician whose sleight of hand
has made the present past and all
the future winters Malaysian summers.

Abigail, my grand daughter, you are the new
magician, Harry is only pottering around.

Birmingham, 17 November 2005

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Dear Uncle Joo Beng,
This is to announce the arrival of Naomi Shu Lin Chin, born at 12.53pm on the 8th of May 2004 at Queen Mother's Hospital, Glasgow. First daughter for Andy and Cheryl Chin and first grandchild of Sylvia and Kian Seng. Please post the pictures on your website. I also enclose a poem written proud grandfather, also for the website.

12.53pm, 8 May 2004
Spring, Glasgow.

Looking forward to seeing it all on the website.

Cheryl & Andy & Naomi & the proud Grandparents.

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Naomi, Our First Grandchild

The sudden shedding of chrysalis
clothes and a newborn butterfly
flutters all our hearts ......

Your first cry is a flute
song greeting a garden
of expectant visitors. From cocoon
of white you signal to us
with the antennae of fingers
as if to say, "The code
of a new language is easily
broken by the cipher
of love." Again and again
the petals of your lips
break into pollens of smiles
the days weather forecast
of the spring you bring
into our lives .......

I pause to drink deeply
the nectar of the moment .....

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A few other photos of Naomi with proud Aunty Andrea and Uncle Boon Kay.



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Nicolette Khoo was born on 9 Oct 2004 to Ee Ping and Samantha.



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