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Affair at the Mines

narrated by Koh Teck Ghee

"In Alexandra Road, when I was working in Jalan Kilang as a service technician with Mecomb doing medical sales, I was with them for 12 years. I came down from Malaysia in 1962 when Beng was 1 year old. We celebrated his 1st birthday there. Che Hafsa, a Malay family there, was also working at the mines as an admin officer. I met Mum there. I was interviewed here in Singapore and Mum was interviewed on the same day without me knowing."

"McHugh was the Ang Moh who was responsible for engaging workers in the mine. The head office is in Robinson road. I was working for Marconi wireless and telegraph whose HQ is in London but they had a branch here. I was servicing radar and comms equipment for ships that came through."

"The mine used the same equipment. Ships which took the iron ore had to be 3-4 miles out as the sea wasn't deep enough. They had to order barges. During the communist time, they often had telephone lines cut between the mine and the pier. The line is about 14 miles long. The telephone guy doesn't know how to repair the equipment, and the standby set also gave trouble. So that's why I came in. I was offered a free plane ride to see the mine, but I didn't take the offer - but Mom did. Mum signed a three year contract. I liked it in Bukit Besi."

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