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Hiding in the Rubber Estate

narrated by Yuen Mo-May

"During the Japanese time, we went to the rubber estate to hide in the smoke house. Every time they came, we had to hide. It was very smelly. We were at the Ulu Klang side, where Esther (#8 sister) was staying. It was all rubber estates."

"When the Japanese came in, I remember one occasion. Jimmy (#14 brother) liked to go out very late. Some people came to rob the house at that time, and made my mother open the safe belonging to commercial press. There was nothing in it, so they threatened my Mum. I pretended to be asleep in my 4 poster bed."

"Uncle Law (#15 brother) said to kill himself instead of his mother. He was stabbed and rushed to hospital. I had to ride a bicycle all the way to Harry's house (#12 brother) to come to help."

"They thought Jimmy was to blame, so the Japanese took him and gave him the water treatment. Stuffed the water down his stomach and stepped on his stomach to get him to talk."

"Mother just opened the door without asking who it was. Mum was OK."

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