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Here's an update from Jeannie on 1 Nov 2004

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Dear Friends and Family,

I have great news to share.  The aviation lawyers informed me this last Friday that they have been able to negotiate a settlement with the family of the passenger, Adam Brice Sprague.  Brice was the passenger in my brother's cessna plane when it went down on April 20 in Tampa Bay.

The lawyers were able to encourage the plane insurer to give a modest sum to the family despite the insurer not needing to.  In addition, the family and their lawyers have agreed not to file any claims against my brother's estate and to give a full and complete unconditional release.  This is all occurring even though the National Transport Safety Board has not determined the cause of the crash, but the aviation lawyers were able to do a limited investigation that so far clears my brother, and the Sprague's lawyers accepted the evidence thus far.

This is amazing news because a) the aviation lawyers continued to pursued the case on Lawrence's behalf even though there was little need to do so this early in the game, b) that this is being settled so early in the picture when it normally takes two to ten years, c) that a team of good aviation and estate lawyers were put together for me by Lawrence's (my brother) real estate lawyer Ron Platt.  Ron researched the best law teams and guided me well in the early days. Ron even helped me go through each law contract before I signed, saving me a lot of money. I believe it was these early steps that made it so much easier now as I was able to hand over evidence very early on after gathering them with the police at Tampa Bay.

d) for all the good guidance in the early days beyond the lawyers -- there was Jeff Springer, a hotel consultant who advised me on how to work with lawyers and how to trust them.  e) for Rosalyn Tay who talked me through every minute of the day ( I think next to God, she was the one I spoke to the most for help). f) for Dave Hawes who did an independent double check on all the lawyers and fed back to me that Ron Platt was an A* lawyer, highly respected in Florida.

g) for all my relatives who prayed and stayed with me in spirit through difficult times.  h) for friends Janine and Page for coming to be with me physically.  i) for Dwight Hill for putting me in touch with key contacts and for Winston Yam for letting me know of my brother's emergency plans. j) for the fact that Brice's family will receive compensation and that they will not need to engage in a long legal battle. We can now relate so much better and mourn together for the loss of two sons, two brothers.k) all the many, many prayers around the world.


When I told my mother the good news, she broke down and cried saying, "Thank God, He has answered my prayers."  It goes to show how much she has been carrying this.  A significant weight has been lifted off her shoulders.  I am so glad.

I in the meantime laughed, cried and called everyone I could throughout Friday night (it was daytime in the US).  Then I was really tired the next day, exhausted from months of facing this.  I even treated a lawyer to dinner on Saturday night to vicariously thank all good lawyers.  I never knew how important good lawyers are, and what an important role they play in such cases.

I am so utterly happy that I encourage everyone to make a will with a good lawyer. 

This has been amazing, beyond belief.  And therefore, most of all, I invite everyone to thank God, for His working out such complex details, and for this part of the major hurdle to be resolved. Truly His wisdom is greater than us and His plans too wonderful to conceive.

To God be the Glory indeed,


PS – there were so many people to thank and share this with, my yahoo address couldn’t handle it.  Please respond to my private email at jeannie_personal@yahoo.com.sg

Thank you.

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