Joo Ann's Piano Recital
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Joo Ann gave a piano recital in Singapore at the Alliance Francaise on  Wednesday, 5 May 99, 8.15pm. It was presented by the Alliance Francaise and the Singapore Symphonia Company.

He was the anchor performer of 3 pianists who were featured that night - the other two were good friends of his - Muzaffar Abdullah from Malaysia and tatjan Ognjanovic from Slovenia. The 3 of them have been performing each year in the arts festival in Malaysia for several years consecutively already.

The event was relatively a good success. The hall at the alliance was about 2/3 full - about 200 people. Ticket price was S$16 for non-members of the Alliance.

Joo Ann performed after Muzaffar and Tatjana, and he had 2 encores !! Perhaps one day, I'll figure out how to replay his performance right here on the web !!

Some pics after the event where Joo Ann was unwinding at the Shangri La coffee house :

Here's Tatjana, Muzaffar, and Joo Ann :

DCP01992.JPG (110699 bytes)

They were unwinding with Jacintha and Bart. Choo Keng, myself, and Janet weren't in the picture...:-(

DCP01991.JPG (115446 bytes)

Finally, Joo Ann shows all that his prowess is not only with the piano !!

DCP01995.JPG (106104 bytes)    DCP01996.JPG (95666 bytes)


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