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Pictures from birthday parties of our family !

Joo Beng.

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14 July 06 Janet and Joo Beng's Big Birthday Bash

This year was Janet's grand birthday, so we decided to whoop it up at the American Club. We had lots of friends and family attend and the evening was complete with slide presentation, individualized CDs, and lots of wine and laughter. What made it special was that we had special guests from faraway places like San Diego and New Zealand, and friends that we hadn't seen for such a long time ! It was really quite a treat, and Janet and I both want to thank all who attended for making it such a special and momentous occasion !

This first picture is a birthday card that I made for Janet. I had collected the sea shells from a beach off Port Dickson, and had photographed them. Since Janet and I met in the sea, I thought I'd create a card that reminds us of that :-) The second picture also is a "sea" photo. It was used as the picture on the CD cases that we distributed.


And here are some photos commemorating the occasion !


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14 July 01 - Janet and Joo Beng's birthday and wedding anniversary

This year, our birthday fell on a Saturday, and we decided to have our friends, whom we went to Pulau Redang with, over for a Redang photo party as well !

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Gee, I realise I didn't have any pictures of the kids, but there were certainly a lot of them. I guess they were all stuck in the computer room trying to determine if the terrorists or counter-terrorists would be victorious !!


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