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Who's who ?

The following photos were projected on a screen during the dinner....

This was the opening shot - to wish Sah Kor a happy birthday and Panjang Panjang Umor !

DCP01755.JPG (106847 bytes)

This was the staff of the school at which Sah Kor taught, and a pic of her and the choir...

GreatSta.jpg (157588 bytes)    Pic3.jpg (48067 bytes)

Here she is....just after agreeing to go on a hot date ? And the resultant response from 5 guys !!

HelloooG.jpg (71174 bytes)    Roseamon.jpg (291237 bytes)

Here's BG and George with young Joe, then Ed, and then all grown up !

KhooFami.jpg (94512 bytes)    Pic5.jpg (44636 bytes)     Pic4.jpg (21720 bytes)

Some school girl pics that would turn any lad's that time of course...

MissBung.jpg (125289 bytes)    Pic1.jpg (51432 bytes)     Track&Fi.jpg (135858 bytes)

The three sisters.....Bee Hian, Bee Gee, Bee Choo (mothers of Cheng, Joe/Ed, and Lani) !

Pic6.jpg (59786 bytes)

A clan photo with Mama and Chocho too !! Can you name all the others ? Click the photo to see who I recognized, and who I don't !

Pic2.jpg (59911 bytes)





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