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Ming Fern and Terence's wedding was held on Friday, 11 Jun 99, 6.30pm, at Fort Gate on top of Fort Canning Park. It was one of the most romantic weddings I had ever attended, and it was very obvious that great pains had been taken to make sure that every single aspect of the occasion was special !!

Though it was outdoors, God blessed the wedding with great weather.

Lawn view.jpg (146464 bytes)

Ming Fern's arrival was spectacular - emerging from the mist-filled stone archway in a honking tooting love bug !!

VW entry.jpg (264460 bytes)

After the ceremony, we had the usual makan session followed by some songs from those gifted with great voices, and of course by a photo session where we got together once again....

Clan shot.jpg (262493 bytes)

Finally, a picture of the blushing bride and groom, with Ee Wen and Tuo Shen....wah....so radiant hor !!

Bride n Groom.jpg (142709 bytes)

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