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Ee Wen and Joanna were married on 17 Nov 2001 at Paya Lebar Methodist Church It was a very beautiful wedding, one of the nicest I have ever been to. I really enjoyed the duet that Ee Wen had written, and both of them sang, as well as the other presentations they had. After the wedding, there was a very sumptious spread of food (even including bubble tea!) awaiting all of us at the foyer. Unfortunately though, my camera was spoilt so I couldn't take any pictures at the wedding.

The dinner was held at the Punggol Marina on 18 Nov 2001, where Cheng was the MC. Ee Wen and Joanna performed again so that those who couldn't make the wedding ceremony could here the lovely song they sang before.

Here are some of the studio pictures they had at the entrance. If you'd like to see the real's a lot better than my reproductions here...

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Some photos of the bride and groom with their families on stage.

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There were quite a few tables there, but I only managed to snap these...

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And finally, a "spot the celebrities" section. Alamak....see the DOM with Cheng !! Looks like all her advertising has at last been successful !! Haha...joke lah. Anything Goh Pek can do to get into the photo !

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