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Here's a message from Cheng/Liz on 29 Mar 04 after the climb.

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Dear All,

Exactly 2 weeks ago, we were all preparing to go to the airport. Thanks for being early and so punctual. Those who were "late" - hmmmm ... don't think you went unobserved and your lateness went un-noticed!!! Your names have been entered into my blackkkk bookkk! But all went well.

A week ago, we were on our way back home to Singapore ... actually we were just taking off after the slight delay and the technical problems they had with the plane. Thank God we all arrived safely home. [This was originally written on Saturday at 9;41am]

Then, on Sunday - for those who are in ZZZZzzz zone and have not heard, I sprained my ankle badly while training at BT Hill. I thank God it did not happen there at Kinabalu. Am now out of action for 4 weeks! Had the wonderful opportunity of riding in the Ranger's Truck down BTH. Thanks Suyin, you really charmed the ranger! But really thanks for the quick thought and action. I will have to go to AH for physiotherapy. Thanks SC for making all the arrangements for me to see the ankle man.

OK. Just want to put it in black and white - YOU GUYS DID GREAT! You were a great team and I really enjoyed myself.

Finally, once and for all - a big thank you to Sister Cecily for her prayers and the prayers by her community. For those who thought it was a joke - NO, she is a REAL nun! Just out of habit!!!! Thanks also to Annie and Sang Lai who were praying for us while they rested at Laban Rata.

Just to share some thoughts ...
(See below)

Have a good week ahead.

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Dear Friends,
The adventure is over, the climbing done … only the memories remain -lovely, precious memories of friendships strengthened, new friends made, the muscle pains, the cold, the laughter, the tears, the feelings of despair and finally elation on reaching the top …

Thought I’d give you guys the proper quote by the French mountaineer John Cleare –
“Man may climb mountains but he can never ‘conquer’ them. The very word is out of context for how can man subdue a mountain? Mountains are merely beautiful or awesome and the only conquest by the climber is that of himself.”

Well, close enough …

You guys ‘conquered’ yourselves- you conquered the urge to stop, to give up… you conquered your fear of heights, of the dark, of the cold … you bet you conquered yourselves!

Stand tall like the mountains your groups represented – Mckinley (mai kin leh!), Elbrus, Everest (ever rest) and Vinson (venison!)!

I am really proud of you guys.

Here’s to the next adventure…

Liz (the still pai-kah leader!)


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